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About us

Creating a connection to clothing rooted in intentionality & ever-lasting delight

We want you to feel empowered by effortless elegance and a deeper connection to your wardrobe. By welcoming you into the design process, we hope you’ll find a renewed sense of fulfilment whenever you reach for your custom Alden pieces.

Alden clothing

A love affair with linen

Custom wardrobe pieces deserve a fabric that radiates effortless charm.

Unlike other fabrics, linen improves over time so its natural luxury doesn’t fade when treated well. It’s both breathable and strong, making it perfect for balmy summer nights, cool evenings by the sea, and everything in between.

Made from the flax plant, linen is also much more sustainable than most fabrics. Since the entire plant can be woven into a fibre, there is hardly any waste left behind. It’s also biodegradable and uses far less water than other fabrics.

Beautiful for you, beautiful for the planet.

Terracotta musk pink V-neck linen triple tier ruffled maxi dress with long spaghetti tie straps and v shape semi backless design, 100% flax linen, custom made in Melbourne, Australia. Womens clothing maxi dress customise in short / mini, midi length

Timeless Design

We don’t obsess over fashion trends or seasonality. Instead, we design pieces you’ll want to reach for month after month, year after year. By focussing on classic silhouettes and details, you receive garments you’ll be excited to wear for years to come.

Long-Lasting Quality

With timeless design comes attention to detail, which means our pieces are meant to hold a permanent presence in your wardrobe. By directly attending to our work from conception through product delivery, we can ensure each piece is of the highest quality possible.

Luxurious Simplicity

We aim to create wardrobe staples you never grow tired of. By focussing on muted styles and intentional patterns that are truly refined, each piece fits seamlessly into your life. Dressed up or down, from day to night, these clothes are meant to move with you, no matter the occasion.

About our Founder

Inspired by a desire to change the way women curate their wardrobes

After creating her own garments for years, Alden founder Hannah Coyle developed a deep sense of pride and delight in her wardrobe.

Inspired by this, she wanted to share that feeling with other women by giving them an opportunity to play a role in the design process. Seeing there were virtually no opportunities for women to customise high-quality pieces, she decided to bridge the gap herself.

Today, Hannah is proud of Alden Clothing's unique ability to empower women with joy and a deeper sense of connection to their clothes.

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Start creating your one-of-a-kind linen piece